Stalin was preoccupied with the role of the USSR in the war: The victim or the aggressor?

No other document of the Stalin era has received so much harsh criticism as the Treaty of Nonaggression between Germany and the USSR. Our foes say that it a deal between Hitler and Stalin that allegedly resulted in the division of Poland and the beginning of World War II. However, nobody mentions the fact that the Western states did everything possible to direct the German aggression eastward in the 1930s, and they succeeded. No one actually said that the treaty of nonaggression was signed between Poland and Germany back in 1934, long before the same document was signed by Germany and the USSR. Furthermore, the Polish government conducted secret talks with Germany regarding joint actions against the USSR in the March of 1939, not to mention the shameful Munich agreement between the Western states and Germany, which led to the destruction of Czechoslovakia and to Austria’s unification with Germany.

The second highest ranking official of Hitler’s Reich, Rudolf Hess, landed in England on parachute in May of 1940 in order to talk to the English government about signing a peace treaty with Germany. Colonel General Runstedt wept when he saw the remainder of the English expeditionary corps boarding their boats and leaving for England right under the nose of his victorious tanks. The general did not know that the only reason why Hitler stopped beating England was not his abstract humanity at all; it was Hitler’s wish to make England quit the war forever by means of signing a peace treaty with Germany.

In addition, the documents about Hess’s visited are still secret in England. However, Stalin was aware of the situation very well, and he knew that the anti-fascist war was inevitable. Stalin said that for the first time in 1927 he did not miss anything; it was not a surprise for him at all. When Stalin signed the treaty, he was simply trying to delay the day when the war started, in order to get ready for repulsing the enemy’s attack.

He knew that, on July 22, 1940, Hitler intended to start the war in the autumn of the same year. On December 18, Hitler signed the Barbarossa plan, dating the attack on the USSR as May 13, but the time of the incursion was delayed for four weeks on April 3, 1941. On April 30, the German headquarters found out that their railway companies were unable to deploy the troops by the beginning of the plan.

The USSR’s major news agency TASS informed on June 14 that the Soviet government did not believe the rumors of the coming war. This message was timed to Hitler’s meeting devoted to Barbarossa plan, when army commanders made their reports! This detail proves that Stalin gave Hitler the impression that he was watching his every step. Stalin analyzed the interests and intentions of all the countries that were going to be involved in the war.

Therefore, it was good for Germany, Turkey, and Japan to attack the Soviet Union: we would win the war of three fronts. It was also vital for Germany to establish peace with England, as the Germans knew how disastrous a war of two fronts is. What about Japan? Its actions depended on the ones of England: if England pulled out from the war, Japan with its huge Pacific fleet was going to attack the USSR. If England remained in a state of war against Germany, Japan was going to attack the USA. Therefore, it happened that England’s position was the first priority in this diplomatic game. If it waged war with Germany, then the USSR had only one front and the natural allies that came with it: the USA and England. If England signed the armistice, then the USSR’s defeat was inevitable.

Most likely, Stalin thought that England was not going to pull out from the war with Germany because nothing at all would be capable of showing resistance to fascism in this case. Western democracies did not want to struggle. Stalin was preoccupied with the role of the USSR in the war, whether it was going to be the victim or the aggressor? The fate of our country depended on a very simple question: who will attack whom? If the Soviet Union had attacked first, the powerful Western propaganda would have portrayed our country as the most horrific monster in the world. It has been 61 years, but Western ideologists and Soviet traitors are still trying to convince the world that the USSR planned to attack Germany. However, the whole world saw on June 22 that Hitler was the aggressor. This is Stalin’s greatest accomplishment.

Vitaly Cherkasov PRAVDA.Ru Volgograd

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov