America discovered that Russia threatens NATO

American authorities are currently concerned about the search for new threats. This is a special concern for the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, John R. Bolton. He added three countries more to the axis of evil: Syria, Libya, and Cuba. Today, Mr.Bolton decided to warn Americans and their allies against another danger: Russia and Iran’s plot against NATO.

Bolton is actually concerned with the new Iranian missile, the Shahab-4. This missile can reach the territories of Italy and Germany, as well as the south of Sweden. The previous versions of this missile could reach Israel and Saudi Arabia, where American army bases were situated.

Washington said previously that Iranian missiles were produced with the help of Russian specialists, and Bolton is sure that Russia did not stay away from the Shahab-4 project. Therefore, one may come to conclusion that Russia was indirectly posing a threat to NATO’s security.

We have to mention here that American officials expressed their concern about Russia’s cooperation with Iran when Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov visited the United States. Why did the US State Department start talking about this problem only now, taking into consideration the fact that American president is to visit Russia soon? Will Bolton’s statements create new problems for the coming talks?

Nevertheless, Washington’s motives are clear. Iran is a constant teaser for America. One may not totally exclude the possibility that Tehran will soon have missiles that will be able to reach the American territory. In this case, America will have to face a real problem; at least, this is what Washington thinks.

It is an open secret that relations between the European Union and Iran are a lot better than relations between Iran and the USA. Bolton’s statement about the ability of those missiles to reach the territories of European countries has a certain goal: to complicate the relations between the EU and Iran. We will see if this will be successful or not. It actually depends on how the European politicians perceive Bolton’s words.

Here is another aspect that has to be paid attention to. Russia and NATO have been discussing the perspectives of bilateral cooperation, and the countries of Europe support this dialogue. Does Washington fear losing the leading role in the Atlantic Alliance? The answer is positive, judging by Bolton’s expressions, and America will do anything to prevent such a bad turn of events.

As a matter of fact, Bolton’s conclusions do not at all assist in the dialogue between the USA and Russia. American diplomacy is more drawn to the military solution of international problems. They realize their own power, and this makes them feel as if they can do anything they want. At the end of the day, Moscow realizes perfectly that Iranian missiles will be able to reach, not only Europe, but also Russia. There’s no country that can forbid Iran to have weapons of the latest technology, so one has to look for other ways to solve problems, ways that will be good for everyone. This is what diplomacy is all about, as we think.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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