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Power Generating Unit No.1 Of Balakovo Nuclear Power Station Was Put Back Into Operation

On Friday, as RIA Novosti knows from the press center of the "Rosenergoatom" concern, after a day-long shutdown (due to a malfunction) power generating unit # 1 of the Balakovo nuclear power station was put back into operation. The press center reported that "the shutdown was caused by the reaction of the technical defense system: a malfunction was discovered in the power cables of parameter control devices". According to specialists of the Balakovo station, the malfunction was totally eliminated. By the international 7-mark situation assessment scale this malfunction is assessed as the lowest level, a zero one. Nuclear power station safe operation limits and standards were not violated. Radiation situation around the station and the city of Balakovo corresponds to natural background values. The press center indicated that presently power generating units # 1 and 3 of the station are working. Power units # 2 and 4 are undergoing planned repair. The press center concluded that the repair works at power unit # 2 will be completed by the end of May.