The time has come

It is time, when the world community is supposed to take care of these and other questions, not counting on the narrow layer of the political elite, which proved to be very weak in front of the challenges of the 21 century.

The problem of the nuclear weapons is not being solved. Why is that so? Of course, our opponents will be dwelling on the complexity of this issue, about the threats to the world, if the “civilized countries” have not nuclear weapon. This is bluff, nothing more.

The “world leaders” are full of complexes and are just afraid of being deprived of the monopoly comfort, which they have by virtue of an opportunity to “hit the button” - they actually blackmail the world. Without this button they become rather mediocre, faceless, without any innovation and humanistic ideas.

I set out just a few pieces of the general construction for establishing the new global architecture of the international order and its political, administrative and organizational base. The ground of my approach is the basic element - the liquidation of the gap between poor majority and rich minority of the humanity. The most perfect geostrategies are doomed to failure at the attempt to smooth this contradiction. Can any, even the best global forms of the organization of people’s life provide for the development of the world without conflicts? The new philosophy should lay the foundation of the new world organization – the philosophy, which will be rather adequate to the outlook of the people. Without this it is impossible to do anything. That is why I am getting back to the original thesis – about people’s vehement discontent with their living conditions, with the environment, in which they live.

The propaganda of the all-mighty market, some abstract liberalization is basically perceived as corruption of the youth, open pornography, omnipotent money, power and strength.

I outlined just certain fragments of the problem, the new renaissance of the ideas of justice, honesty, equality, the revision of the notion of “market” with its competition laws, equal opportunities, its correlation with the notion of “democracy.” There is a need in the new approach and analysis of the “television freedom,” which is tearing the world apart, depicting provocative subjects and justifying their actions with “a right for information.”

The Muslim countries are rather indignant about the cinema and television production, which portrays vices, idle life. Isn’t this a subject for serious speculation?


My scheme of the cardinal transformation of the international relations has the following features:

First of all, the mentioned measures are urgent, taking account of the extremely pressed dynamics of the up-to-date international political and social situation, which can blow up any minute, in any part of the world. Secondly, they can not but take account of the plans and intentions of the American Government to carry out the action of retribution (which is justified). Thirdly, the offered ideas and constructions can not be perceived as temporal, as a form of reaction to a certain event. They are thought-out very well, taking account of the general, common, geopolitical changes in the world community, adequately reflecting the process of saving the deep contradictions in the societies. Fourthly, and this is probably the most important feature – they are adequate to the current evolutions in the world community – as in the single, integral organism. They reflect the colossal accumulation of inner antagonism between the different parts of this world community. They take account of the variety of opinions not only in the countries of “the enlightened West,” but also in the developing world, where the concentration of the world poverty happens; as well as the “Islamic sector” of the world community. Finally, I step aside from creating myths, from provocative thoughts concerning the collision of civilizations on the religious basis, which has extremely indirect connection to the major contradiction of the 21 century – the contradiction between the inconsiderable part of the rich and the majority of the poor in the world. This is the main issue both in the Great American tragedy and in the current war in Chechnya, in the problem of the international terrorism.

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