Collateral Damage VI

Wednesday October 31st – United States military aircraft have destroyed another hospital in Afghanistan.

The hospital belonged to the Green Crescent Organisation, the Islamic equivalent of the Red Cross, in Kandahar. Eleven people were killed in the strike, which took place before dawn on October 31st, around 01.30 MSK.

The attack was denounced by a spokesperson of the hospital, Dr. Obaidullah and was confirmed by western journalists stationed in Kandahar.

Yet another incident in a string of “collateral damage” accidents caused by the US military’s “precision weaponry” will further inflame the Moslem populations, some of whom are becoming increasingly agitated with the advent of Ramadan.

Kamal Kharrazi, the Iranian Foreign Minister, stated on a visit to Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, that to continue the attacks into Ramadan will be to insult the Moslem world. “From the beginning we have not agreed with the military action against Afghanistan…this (bombing during Ramadan) is unacceptable”.

“Ramadan is coming and I am afraid that the continuation of a military operation against Afghanistan will insult people, especially the Moslems around the world”. Presidents Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Pervez Musharaf of Pakistan have asked the United States to conclude its military campaign as soon as possible.

While the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon were illegal, so it the bombing of hospitals and food supplies.


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