Dmitry Litvinovich: Civil war broke out in Afghanistan

The Talibs have yielded today – they stopped the resistance in Kandahar at the break of dawn. There are no more Taliban troops on the territory of Afghanistan and small separate groups do not pose a big threat. But this is not the end of the story. Those, who were struggling with the Taliban yesterday, are struggling with each other today.

A brutal battle took place in the east of Afghanistan between different factions of the anti-Taliban alliance. The reason of the armed conflict was the dispute regarding the distribution of the posts at the council of the city of Gardez, 125 kilometres southwards of Kabul. The followers of Pasha Gulya Zadran, who represented the interests of the former Afghan king in Bonn, opened the fire. They were not happy about the distribution of the positions in the city council, and about the dominance of the Pashtuns. The number of the victims of the conflict is not known yet.

PRAVDA.Ru supposed such a thing would happen. The ambitions of the leaders of the ethnic groups are too high and the victory is too expensive to share it with anyone. However, we thought the conflict would break out within the Northern Alliance – between the Uzbeks, Tajiks, and others, included in the alliance. But the Northern Alliance does not wish to have the new “inner” war now, even after general Rashid Dostum claimed he did not care about the results of the recent conference in Germany. Furthermore, the current conflict is good for them. If the local Pashtuns manage to agree with Zaher Shah’s representatives, if they set forth their joint requirements at the Afghan assembly, then the Northern Alliance will have to share power with them and this is the last thing to be done. If the conflicts continue, then it is very likely that the ministerial positions will have to be distributed again.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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