George W. Bush May Share His Father’s Fate

Results of the poll on Bush’s popularity recently held among the American population have become the most outstanding event over the past two days. The poll revealed that Bush’s rating has slipped: a week ago his job was approved by 63% of the questioned, and this week the showing is 58%. The rating is down 5 points from a week ago, it is about the same his father had 12 years ago. The changing in President Bush’s job approval entailed lots of lively comments saying that the incumbent president may share his father’s fate. Many years ago, George Bush also paid too much attention to Saddam Hussein and almost completely disregarded the economic situation in the country. As a result, he had to quit the post after the first period of presidency.

The situation seems to be repeating once again. Many Americans are dissatisfied with the economic policy of the incumbent administration. Democrats openly accuse the White House of the unfavorable results of the taxation reform carried out by the Bush Administration: as a result of the reform, the poor are getting even poorer, and the rich grow richer.

It is also remarkable that George W. Bush is also gradually losing the support of Republican activists. But they are displeased not with the taxation reform, but with the White House’s position toward Iraq and North Korea. For instance, The Washington Times Editor-in-Chief Wesley Pruden blamed the US president for the policy of appeasement toward Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-il. And this is despite the fact that George W. Bush has been dreaming to do away with the Iraqi dictator for several months already and has put much effort to assure the world community of Saddam’s extremely malicious nature! Kim Jong-il with his nuclear program is rather inappropriate in the situation.

To all appearances, the White House actually didn’t expect North Korea would throw down such a strong challenge (some western analysts say that China is involved here, as it is scheming some game with the USA).

However that may be, Washington hasn’t yet recovered from the knock-down delivered by North Korea’s statement saying that it was ready to keep on working on its nuclear program. It won’t be that easy to order to bring a couple of aircraft carriers to the North Korean shores. What may happen if North Korea already has a nuclear bomb of its own? By the way, opinion of the states situated in the region must be taken into consideration as well: they don’t want any war. This is the reason why American diplomats currently have to make so many visits to the capitals of Far Eastern states. Meanwhile, Bush’s rating is slipping down, which certainly makes his supporters displeased. Member of the National Republican Committee Mathew Dode says it is more important for republicans to find out whether the results of the poll reveal a long-term tendency. Otherwise they will have to find some other candidate to the post, until it’s not too late.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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