George W. Bush defending the fatherland of the country

Another book by President Bush has been issued in the USA. This is not a book compiled of speeches by the leader of “a lonely superpower." Bush wrote neither about the “small land” where he had struggled against the Taliban and bin Laden, nor about the virgin land that remained of the US economy after numerous corporate scandals. The book simply consists of short statements made by George W. Bush, at first, candidate for president, and then as supreme leader. These short statements have really important meanings, which is why they impress people’s minds very much. The lot of a president is really very hard, as a president has to talk and talk. And when speaks a lot, it is not ruled out that you may pronounce an aphorism. When journalists heard George Bush mention “wings take dream," they understood that Bush’s statements should be noted down.

Jacob Weisberg with the Slate on-line magazine is compiling a collection of statements by Bush called bushisms. The journalist heard some of the statements himself, and sometimes readers sent what they have heard themselves. The US president is fertile in aphorisms, and this book is already the third issue. George W. Bush is a man of the strongest creed. He says, “I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe — I believe what I believe is right.” American children probably pronounce the words as a tongue-twister.

There are some more outstanding bushisms. Opposition to Saddam Hussein made him a patient person. He says, “I am a patient man, and when I say I am a patient, I means I am a patient man.” The deepest idea of the statement is, “I am a human. When I say that I am a human, I mean that I really am.”

President Bush is a patriot and makes no secret of it. Bush says that it is the top objective to protect “the fatherland of the country." What country is the fatherland of America? Is it Great Britain? Much money is necessary to guarantee theprotection to the whole country: “ We've tripled the amount of money — I believe it's from $50 million up to $195 million available.” To protect itself, America also needs soldiers, whose number is quite sufficient in the USA, by the way. Really important now is to take care of their accommodation and morale. The president is ready to assume this responsibility. He says, “I do think we need for a troop to be able to house his family. That's an important part of building morale in the military.” George W. Bush was elected president at a time that is really hard for the country. However, he is a politician who can cope with any difficulties. Like any politician, he is ready to promise a good future for the country. The US president says that the American has already had really hard times that he managed to survive. He hopes that, if the country is to face hard times in the future, it will survive as well.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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