Amnesty International Describes Bulldozing Of Palestinian Homes

When troops arrive families are often too outraged and terrified to rescue their possessions

Currently, in East Jerusalem alone, 10,000 homes, housing a third of the Palestinian population, are threatened by demolition orders." The calamity facing individuals and families whose homes have been demolished is immense. Often their homes are all they have," Amnesty International stressed." When troops arrive families are often too outraged and terrified to rescue their possessions in the short period given by the soldiers to evacuate their home." "The trauma of dispossession can lead to family bitterness and breakup. Many have no choice but to reside with relatives in overcrowded conditions or to live in tents," the organization added.

"From Oslo to now there has not been a single one of my cases where a permit for building a house in Area C has been granted...." a Palestinian lawyer told the Amnesty International delegation during their visit. Area C comprises nearly three-quarters of the land area of the West Bank and includes many of the opportunities for urban and rural development. However, Amnesty International delegates were told, not once but many times by the representatives of theCivil Administration in the Occupied Territories, that the policy of the military government has been, since 1995, "not to grant building permits for new buildings for Palestinians in Area C."

"By targeting Palestinians for house demolitions and denial of building permits, the Israeli government has violated its obligations under international human rights and humanitarian law which it has promised to uphold," Amnesty International said. "This policy should be ended immediately. " It is important to remember that the settlements in Gaza are considered "illegal" by the UN. Sharon announced plans to build more.

PERSONAL NOTE: On January 22, 2002, there were 56 Palestinian homes bulldozed at 2:30 A.M. , without any notice, with the occupants inside, including woman, children and old people. The crime? No Israeli "building permit" on their own land. No other crime. Yet Jews worldwide defend the Israeli government, without reservation, without qualification. It is part of Israeli colonialism, ladies and gentleman. ...and it is morally repugnant and WRONG.

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