President maps out ways to eliminate consequences of natural calamity in southern Russia

On Saturday President Vladimir Putin stated that "the elements did not abandon the south of Russia" and the consequences of that "were rather grave." While speaking at a special Kremlin meeting devoted to the eliminating of consequences of the natural calamity in southern Russia, he indicated that "efforts of the Emergencies Ministry and regional authorities" to liquidate the after-effects of the natural calamity "were evidently insufficient." In the opinion of the head of state, it was necessary to intensify cooperation between other ministries and departments, for example, between the Ministry of the Interior, the Defense Ministry, the Health Ministry, the Emergencies Ministry and regional authorities. He stated that "it is necessary not to feel slack despite the summer period" and added that it was important "to do everything possible to assist people." In particular, Vladimir Putin stated that the Health Ministry should "prevent epidemics, should support people" in the area of the natural calamity. According to him, the Ministry of the Interior should see to it that the law is observed, and prevent looting.