Russia vows to bomb Kiev to the ground should Ukraine attack Russia again

Moscow will bomb Kiev's command center should Ukraine attack Russia again

In the event that Ukrainian troops continue attacking the territory of the Russian Federation, Russia will strike Kiev, official representative for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov said.

The Russian Defence Ministry is aware about sabotage attempts in the attacks that the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out targeting the territory of the Russian Federation.

Should such cases continue, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will strike Ukraine's decision-making centers, including in Kiev, even though the Russian military command has so far refrained from making such a decision.

Ukraine's shelling of Russia

Ukraine has made a number of attempts to shell the Russian territory since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine. Ukraine has attacked several border settlements. On April 9, a checkpoint on the Russian-Ukrainian border near the village of Elizavetovka in the Kursk region was attacked with automatic fire.

On March 29, it was reported that Ukraine shelled a checkpoint near the village of Tetkino. The same checkpoint was attacked on February 24.

On March 23, a shell fired from Ukraine exploded in a village in the Belgorod region. Several local residents were hurt. A state of emergency was declared in two settlements. The next day, 178 residents of the villages located near the border with Ukraine were evacuated to Belgorod.

On April 1, Ukrainian helicopters attacked an oil depot in the Belgorod region of Russia. Two combat helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) entered the territory of Russia at a low altitude, two employees of the oil depot were injured.

Ukraine vows to strike Russia back if Moscow bombs Kiev

Aleksey Arestovich, the head of President Zelensky's Office, warned his counterparts in Moscow that they should be very careful and accurate in their statements and intentions about an attack on Kiev. Kiev has excellent opportunities for Moscow, he said. Ukraine has not yet used those tools only because each armed conflict has its own degrees of escalation:

"One just needs to bear it in mind that for any shot at our control body, we have our own thread,” Arestovich said.

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