ICTY Stalls Acceptance of Milosevic Committee as Amicus Curiae

Below is a transcript of the cover page, and a link to the pdf file for the entire text, of the fax the ICDSM received from The Hague Tribunal (ICTY) on Nov. 6th. The fax was in response to our motion. In that motion we both applied for amicus curiae status in the Milosevic proceedings, and stated our proposals concerning Mr. Milosevic's health and the future course of the proceedings. The motion can be read at http://emperor.vwh.net/icdsm/motion.htm

The ICTY's response, reproduced below, is reasonable in tone. But they tell us to rewrite our motion because, they say, we failed to take into account "United Nations document number IT/122 which directly concerns submission of Amicus curiae briefs." They include the text of IT/122.

Based on this supposed procedure, we have submitted two more motions, one asking for amicus curiae status, and a second stating what we want done to protect Mr. Milosevic. However, note that when Mr. Richard May, who is in charge of the proceedings against Mr. Milosevic, asked for submissions regarding the Yugoslav President's health and the future conduct of the trial, he said *nothing* about any rule IT/122. Nor has said rule been mentioned any other time that we know of. Nor, though we searched the Tribunal's Website could we locate any such rule.

So we have a new twist in the macabre proceedings of the ICTY: the secret procedure. This is a rule which a) must be followed but which b) only appears in response to an urgent motion filed by the supporters of the Yugoslav leader whom one is attempting to do away with, along with the truth.

Let there be no question. Mr. Milosevic's current life-threatening health emergency results from the conscious policies of the ICTY. See "Hague Tries to Quietly Murder Milosevic" at https://english.pravda.ru/news/russia/12379-n/

It is instructive that in the midst of this health emergency, the guilty party plays procedural games to stall and thereby exclude those who strongly hold that Mr. Milosevic is innocent and NATO - sponsor of the ICTY - is guilty. Mr. Milosevic's life is at stake. When could it be more true that, "Justice delayed is justice denied"? (1)

The fax can be read in full in pdf form at http://emperor.vwh.net/icdsm/more/amicus-response.pdf

Here is the first part, the letter from The Hague Tribunal registry.

-- Jared Israel, ICDSM

Dear Mr. Varkevisser,

This letter pertains to your submission as Amicus Curiae, dated 5 November 2000, directed to Trial Chamber III in the case, Prosecutor v. Slobodan Milosevic.

The Registry acknowledges receipt of the amicus brief; however, pursuant to the general practice of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, an applicant wishing to submit an amicus brief must file an application with the Registry. The Registry will then forward the application, along with this amicus brief to the Trial Chamber for decision pursuant to Rule 74 of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence. For more detailed information please find attached United Nations document number IT/122 which directly concerns submission of Amicus curiae briefs.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact this office.

Yours Sincerely,




Footnotes & Further Reading Follow the Appeal

***************************************** Appeal for Help! *******************************************

Events are moving very fast. On Tuesday SLOBODA, the Freedom Foundation, which is the ICDSM in Yugoslavia, filed suit in Belgrade against Prosecutor Carla del Ponte and seven of her deputies at The Hague Tribunal. The charge: the attempted murder of Slobodan Milosevic.

The same day The Hague Tribunal ordered that Slobodan Milosevic, former President of both Yugoslavia and Serbia, undergo psychiatric examinations.

This is a new insult to Mr. Milosevic and to the people of Yugoslavia. Given, on the one hand, the intelligence and sustained concentration and dignity with which Mr. Milosevic has solidly defeated an avalanche of liars, and, on the other hand, the bizarre behavior of this court, judges and prosecutors alike, this order for psychiatric evaluation is misdirected. Physicians: heal thyselves.

Clearly the Tribunal wishes to find some basis, any basis, to forbid Slobodan Milosevic the basic human right to conduct his own defense. Apparently they hope that some psychiatrist will declare Mr. Milosevic unfit to represent himself. Hague official Florence Hartmann suggested yesterday that Mr. Milosevic could be moved to some outside facility while they continue these proceedings in his absence.

The ICDSM needs to send a delegation including our attorney, Tiphaine Dickson, as soon as possible to The Hague. That delegation will reach the international media and directly interact with The Tribunal.

In order to send that delegation *we need your help.*

If you were thinking of making a donation, now is the time! Now, when The Tribunal is denying Mr. Milosevic proper health care inorderto pressure him to appoint substitute counsel we need to get our delegation to The Hague.

For we represent the other side.

We actually believe Slobodan Milosevic is innocent. The charges against him and the Serbian people are based on a campaign of lies. We have the facts. Milosevic has all the facts and that is why they want so desperately to replace him.

We believe Slobodan Milosevic is 100% right not to appoint a lawyer to represent him before the Tribunal. *Not even a lawyer who claims to support him.*


Because it is Mr. Milosevic who led Serbia and Yugoslavia during the period under discussion. Because no lawyer on earth can - or will dare - to stand up to this NATO-controlled Tribunal as Mr. Milosevic has done, to tell the truth without fear of consequence or career. There is no lawyer who can demonstrate by his very demeanor, that the Serbs are innocent and it is NATO, which attacked Yugoslavia with bombs and lies and by instigating racial hatred, which is guilty.

Slobodan Milosevic is the national leader who stood up to NATO. It is a terrible blow for this Tribunal, NATO's Tribunal, that they have been defeated by him, day after day, since the trial began in February.

That is why in the proceedings this past Monday, the three Judges presented every argument to convince Mr. Milosevic to let some lawyer - any lawyer - replace him, or partly replace him, or sit with him in court, or take some step, any step to lessen his direct impact. To lessen his impact today and to lessen the impact of the transcripts of these proceedings which stand as permanent proof that Milosevic told the truth and NATO lied about the Serbs.

In order to get our delegation to The Hague we need your financial help. Slobodan Milosevic is making a great impact. We are making an impact too and with your help, with your help we can do a hundred times more to assist him, to defend the truth.

To Make a Donation Please go to http://emperor.vwh.net/icdsm/donate.htm

***************** Footnotes and Further Reading *****************

People in the ICDSM have studied the record and we are convinced that Mr. Milosevic and the Serbian people have been the victims of a campaign of media lies. Here are two articles where this is discussed:

1) "KLA Attacks Everyone; Media Attacks...Milosevic?" by Jared Israel at http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/jared/expan.htm

2) "Media Misrepresentation Of Milosevic's Words: A Review Of The Evidence," by Prof. Francisco Gil-White at http://emperors-clothes.com/milo/gw.htm

3) Regarding our charge that the ICTY is NATO's instrument, see "Official Statements Prove Hague 'Tribunal' Belongs to NATO," at http://emperors-clothes.com/docs/h-list.htm


* Concerning Mr. Milosevic's Health *

On 15 July 2002 ICTY 'Judge' Richard May summarized the findings of the *non-specialist* physicians who were, finally, permitted to examine Slobodan Milosevic. Note that the ICDSM and others, including Yugoslav physicians, had many times requested that *cardiologists* be permitted to examine the former Yugoslav President, but this urgent request had been denied without explanation.

Here are 'Judge' May's own words during the session of the so-called trail on the 25th:

“…We have received a report, a medical report, which in its conclusion describes the accused as a man with severe cardiovascular risk which demands careful future monitoring. The authors recommend that his workload be reduced…”

As the German Nobel Prize winning physicians noted in their open letter to The Hague, since Judge May made this statement, the ICTY has done exactly the opposite.

2) What can be the motivation of The Hague Tribunal in doing exactly the opposite of what their own doctors have recommended regarding Mr. Milosevic's health? It does not take a brain surgeon to figure it out.

Originally, the "trial" was to be broadcast on TV worldwide, but when the 'tribunal' realized that Milosevic was winning (he had the unfair advantage of truth) the broadcasting was drastically curtailed in February and then virtually stopped.

His statements and arguments are seldom if ever quoted in the press. Thus, there has been an obvious effort to silence him. But their problem is - he has not been silenced. And they know this record, the transcripts of these proceedings, cannot be erased. More and more people will read them and learn that they were lied to.

Therefore, The Tribunal has essentially instigated this health crisis, by refusing to act on 'Judge" May's own July 25th report of the findings of The Tribunal's own doctors. (1) The idea is to silence Mr. Milosevic by any means necessary. To replace him with some attorney or, failing that, to have him suffer a heart attack or stroke, which they will describe as ' most regrettable.'

Jared Israel, Vice-Chairman, Int'l Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic (ICDSM)

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