Hague Tries Quietly to Murder Milosevic; His Defense in Financial Crisis

The Hague "Tribunal" show trial has disastrously backfired. Slobodan Milosevic has so thoroughly defeated this NATO "court" that the pro-NATO media has eliminated virtually all TV and newspaper coverage. Since, because Milosevic is brilliant and because they are lying, the Hague cannot "show" their trial, they are trying to defeat Mr. Milosevic the way they find most natural: by murdering him. Meanwhile, his support Committees have been hindered by a drastic lack of funds.

Last night Slobodan Milosevic suffered an attack of ultra-high blood pressure, typical of his malignant hypertension. This condition, requiring that a cardiologist monitor Mr. Milosevic, can easily cause heart attack or stroke. His heart is already damaged.

On July 26, Richard May, the so-called judge at The Hague proceeding against Slobodan Milosevic, made the following statement in "court":

"We have received a doctors' report which in its conclusion states that the accused is a man exposed to a serious cardiovascular risk which requires careful health monitoring in the future. The authors of the report advise a reduction in the workload of this trial and advise further treatment by a cardiologist."

Despite warnings from Yugoslav cardiologists and our committees, this was the first time The Hague permitted even non-specialists to examine President Milosevic. And despite their doctors' recommendation of "careful health monitoring in the future…. a reduction in the workload of this trial and… further treatment by a cardiologist," The Hague has, illegally, done the opposite:

-His "trial" day used to end at 2 PM. Now it ends at 5 PM. He is subjected to a long, tiring, absurd and humiliating security procedure going to and from the "court" room. He gets back to jail so late that he must choose: a short walk for some fresh air, or dinner.

-His cell is in an old Nazi prison. The windows are hermetically sealed. The air is so dirty his wife reports her shoes are covered with white dust after a two-hour visit.

-He is given poor quality, greasy foods instead of the vegetable-centered diet required for a heart patient.

Under international humanitarian law it is illegal to deny a prisoner necessary medical treatment. Given the requirements stated in the doctors' report, it is clear that this worsening of Milosevic's living conditions is an attempt to give him a stroke or heart attack and thus "solve" the problem that he is defeating NATO.

What We Can Do

We urge everyone to publicize and protest this international crime. You can protest directly by calling The Hague at 3170 416 5000 or 3170 512 5334

Mr. Milosevic's support committees, the Freedom Foundation in Belgrade and the ICDSM (International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic) are in financial crisis. The Websites of the ICDSM and Milosevic's own party, the SPS, are shut down for lack of money. The ICDSM's temporary address is http://emperor.vwh.net/icdsm/index.htm

We need to bring the Quebec attorney, Tiphaine Dickson, to The Hague for consultations with Mr. Milosevic. Presently we do not have the funds even for her plane fare.

The kidnapping and "trial" of Mr. Milosevic is an attack on all of us - on Russia, for this attack is part of NATO's drive to the East; on the rule of law, for the Hague "tribunal" is modeled on the Inquisition; and on the United Nations, because this "tribunal" is run by NATO, that is, by the war criminals who attacked Yugoslavia. It criminalizes the UN.

It is thus of great importance that we not be silenced. If you have not contributed to Mr. Milosevic's defense - to our *common* defense - please consider doing so. Those of us who are directly involved have exhausted our financial resources. We cannot continue without you.

You can make a donation in several ways. Please consult our Donations page, which can be found at this time at http://emperor.vwh.net/icdsm/donations.htm

Thank you.

Jared Israel, Spokesperson, International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic, USA Vladimir Krsljanin, Spokesperson, Freedom Foundation, Yugoslavia

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