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If the Liberal Democratic Party keeps on distributing books by Zhirinovsky so actively, the whole of Russia will soon be covered by a pile of Zhirinovsky's books
Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party, which is headed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, started flooding Russian libraries with a fantastic collection of works by its leader, a collection called Political Classics. The collection is supposed to consist of about 100 volumes; it is reported that from 35 to 70 volumes have been already released.

The books are mostly political pieces by the LDPR leader since 1989, philosophical articles and a couple of literary works. It is perfectly clear that such books will be in low demand; that is why it is traditional in Russia that such books are distributed among the poorest libraries, which seldom receive new editions. However, it is also unlikely to be in great demand among library readers. Let’s hope that at least few people will take one of the books and read the “great” thoughts of a great politician. The Liberal Democratic Party organizes special events to present the Political Classics books to libraries. One was held in the Kursk region on October 8, when 40 volumes of a book by Zhirinovsky were presented to the central regional library. The party's press-secretary reports that new books by Zhirinovsky will be soon distributed among the regional and village libraries of the Kursk region. Earlier, Vladimir Zhirinovsky presented 35 volumes of his works to the scientific library of the state university in Tomsk. the local branch of the Liberal Democratic Party says that the scientific library is the first in the country to receive such a present. The party reports that the books were sent to the Tomsk university library in response to numerous requests of students eager to read works by Zhirinovsky. Political Classics will be available in the library for everyone, together with the works of Marx and Lenin (which are certainly of no interest to readers now). On August 15, a party branch in the Sverdlovks region of Russia presented the Yekaterinburg mayor's library with 40 volumes of books by Zhirinovsky. These were 200 works written by the leader over the years of his political career. The director of the library says that the present is a step toward restoring friendly relations with the city. The problem is that Zhirinovsky visited the city in July; however, he censured the city and the mayor, skipped a meeting with the voters, and left Yekaterinburg irritated.

So, if the Liberal Democratic Party keeps on distributing books by Zhirinovsky so actively, the whole of Russia will be soon covered with them. It is strange that the party is ready to provide libraries with books that are actually in no demand in Russia at a time when scientific and village libraries actually need more important and interesting books. Unfortunately, they have no money to buy them.

Yelena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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