Moscow shooting: Assassin brutally kills IT specialist because of love

Moscow shooting: Man in love kills rival out of jealousy

The version about the contract nature of the murder that was committed in Moscow on June 6 has found no confirmation, representatives for the Investigative Committee of Russia said. The priority motive for the crime is a personal conflict between the suspect and the victim. It is believed that the conflict between the two men arose against the background of jealousy.

The killer was identified as 35-year-old Andrei Demin, and the victim — 34-year-old IT specialist Konstantin Balishansky. The men reportedly developed a conflict because of a woman.

Demin and Balishansky knew each other before. They had previously worked together at Mediasystem Group, owned by businessman Andrei Balishansky, the father of the victim.

The killer, Andrei Demin, had previously come to the attention of law enforcement officials: he was detained in 2018 for drug trafficking.

In addition, the killer and the victim shared a passion for skateboarding. Demin worked in an online store selling equipment for skateboarders.

The victim, Konstantin Balishansky, in 2006 became the first skater of NikeSB Russia team. At the time of the crime, he worked as a system administrator for his father's company that provides multimedia equipment, LED and LCD screens to exhibitions and public events.

It was said that Andrei Demin had previously taped up CCTV cameras at the entrance of the building where Konstantin lived. The criminal disguised himself by wearing black clothes and a medical mask over his face.

The weapon that the killer used to shoot was not registered, TASS reports with reference to law enforcement agencies.

The killer was armed with an AKS-74U machine gun. He had magazines for it, a machete, a military knife, a map of the area, binoculars, goggles, a set of camouflage uniforms, dry rations, water and a first aid kit. During his arrest, he opened fire at security forces and was wounded in the head. The killer survived. He may face lifetime imprisonment for the attacks that he committed.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov