Gasoline tanker explodes on I-75 north of Detroit

Flames shot hundreds of feet in the air after a gasoline tanker exploded Wednesday night underneath a highway overpass near Detroit. Part of the overpass collapsed onto the interstate below and spilled fuel burned as fire crews doused the road with water.

The drivers of the tanker, a semitrailer and a car were taken to a hospital with minor injuries, said Michigan State Police Lt. Shannon Sims. The three men were being interviewed as part of the investigation into how the accident happened.

Gasoline tanker explodes on I-75 north of Detroit
Gasoline tanker explodes on I-75 north of Detroit
"We don't know the chain of events," Sims said, The Associated Press reports.

A stretch of I-75 was expected to be shut down indefinitely. But miraculously, only one person suffered bruises in the massive explosion of more than 14,000 gallons of fuel.

Hazel Park Fire Chief Ray DeWalt said firefighters were still putting water on hot spots on the section of bridge that collapsed.

"There’s still something burning under there," DeWalt said. "We poured water on the section that collapsed and it boiled," Detroit Free Press.

Witnesses saidflames and black, billowing plumes of smoke reached 150 to 200 feet into the air. WWJ reported gas that reached sewers along the freeway also caught fire, Akron Beacon Journal.