Author`s name Pravda.Ru

Thank You For Wonderful articles

Hi, I write to congratulate you for wonderful articles which I have recently been translating into the National language of Malaysia (officially known as Bahasa Melayu). I translate these articles for free and have them posted by three of the topmost leading websites in Malaysia.

You may be aware that this country is having some political difficulties pertaining to the prime minister who is being hated by the populace. However, being believers in the democratic system the people do not create much problems to the government and wait for the next general election to topple the present government.

In the meantime, the government controlled press is very much boycotted and the people turn to private websites which are being referred to as 'Reformasi Websites'.

Some suggestions:

Would it possible if you provide facilities for 'printing versions' and 'e-mail to friends' as being practised by major websites? I am sure inclusion of such facility will make your paper more popular.

Thanks Sincerely, Jihad29