A Letter From an American

I am an American and am married to a wonderful Ukrainian woman. I have visited the Ukraine and liked it very much. With disappointment, I have to work in America to make a living. I want to visit all the lands in Ukraine, Crimea and would like to see Moscow, St.Petersburg and other cities in Russia.

It is quite sad what happened to the Russian people in the early 1990's but it is good to see them become stronger again. It is rather ironic, I am 33 years old and was very much against the communist system (as I understood it via the American press), but I am for the working man and woman. I come from the working class. I am a pharmacist in the working class. My father was a chemical factory worker from the working class, we believed we were free. After the communist system collapsed, average workers saw their 401k plan increase. Now the "New Russians" and Bankers in America are rich beyond measure.

The average American's 401k account may leave something to be desired, if they have one at all. Oligarchial powers are rich and powerful. Most people now are fourth class citizens. No savings, no dignity, no freedom. People live in fear. Fear of poverty, fear of war, fear of enslavement. Fear of speaking their mind and being called Anti-Semetic, full of hate, or Un-American. I guess the global culture that America wants to place on everybody will be Disney, MGM, McDonalds, The Gap, Fox TX, etc, etc, etc.

Tolstoy will be forgotten and replaced by Disney. Is this what people want the world to become? Is this good? Consumerism has triumphed over workers rights. To my fellow Americans who wonder what consumerism is, I believe it is this: It is working at a Wall-Mart store for minimum wage, seeing many items made in China and never having a vacation, savings, adequate healthcare, no unions, no future. It will be work all work and nothing but work. You will then go to church to seek comfort, but none will come.

You will only be told that you must pay a tithe to enter the "Eternal Kingdom" and be told how God Blesses the Rich because it is His will that they are rich. And you will read books called " The prayer of jabeaz" and hope that you will be blessed ,......but it will not happen. I suppose death will be their only escape. This is not the land of Lincoln.

Sincerely, A concerned American

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