DayJet Corp to reduce its operations and dismiss employees

Yesterday DayJet announced that it was scaling back its operations and laying off employees in all segments of the company.

The company, a new commercial aviation operation providing corporate jet travel at commercial airline prices, abandoned its expansion plans and had to dismiss 100 workers. The company serves 45 cities across the Southeast and has 10 operating hubs. It had hoped to expand to 20 this year.

DayJet founder and CEO Ed Iacobucci indicated that the company needs $40 million to reach profitability, but that the current economic climate has not permitted the company to raise that amount.

Iacobucci has stated that the company has proven that the operational concept is sound, but that the current fleet of 28 aircraft needs to be quickly expanded to 50 aircraft. DayJet is Eclipse Aviation's largest customer with 1400 Eclipse 500s on order.