Political sect, National Bolshevik Party, uses bad food for its attacks

A group of young men attack NBP's headquarters in Moscow

A group of young men seized the headquarters of the National Bolshevik Party (known for the initials as NBP) in the after noon of March 5th. A car drove up to Bolsheviks' headquarters, several young men wielding baseball bats and a chainsaw stepped out of the car, opened the front door of the building and made their way to the office, where Eduard Limonov's party was quartered. NBP members did not show any resistance to the young men: apparently, the attack was not a surprise for them. There were only two people staying in the headquarters. Having seized the office, the assaulters stated that they would not leave until they were told the whereabouts of their friend, who disappeared several months ago.

The name of the missing young man is Sergei Goncharov. A group of his friends, started fishing for any kind of information about NBP after his disappearance. “We came to conclusion that the National Bolshevik Party was virtually a sect. They turn normal guys into drug addicts, idlers or even homos. We do not want our friend to become anything of that kind,” one of the aggressors said.

The National Bolshevik Party with notorious writer Eduard Limonov at the head was formed in May 1993 as a result of the split in the National Radical Party (chaired by Limonov as well). The party was divided into the Right-Radical Party and The Limonov Party, which originally preserved the “National-Radical” title. The party was established “to unite Russian lands into one single, joint national state.” NBP has its own newspaper, The Limonka.

The party took part in the creation of the National Bolshevik Front in May of 1993. The front was forgotten already at the end of 1993, although Limonov and his followers still call themselves the National Bolshevik Party.

Now NBP tries to combine the incompatible: communism and the national ideology. Yet, the party views itself as a leftist, revolutionary organization. Eduard Limonov, the party leader, constantly emphasizes his sympathy to all non-conformist youth movements: anarchists, punks, skinheads, etc. One may compare NBP with a sect. A totalitarian sect is an authoritarian organization, which exists solely for the sake of money and power. The leader of such a sect possesses the absolute power. In addition, a totalitarian sect uses special psychological techniques and methods to change people's way of thinking and control sect members' minds.

NBP usually organizes scandalous actions: national Bolsheviks throw bad eggs, tomatoes, mayonnaise and other stain-leaving products into high-ranking officials. On 27 August 2003, an NBP member threw mayonnaise at the chairman of the Central Election Committee of Russia, Alexander Veshnyakov, and smeared his jacket with it. NBP members also attacked the leader of the Russian Communist Party, Gennady Zyuganov, when someone threw two ripe tomatoes at him in 2003. Another incident took place on 7 December 2003, on the day of parliamentary elections in Russia. A young girl came up to Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov and threw an egg at him at the time, when the minister was approaching a ballot urn to cast his vote. National Bolsheviks used food to attack such outstanding Russian personas as Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Anatoli Chubais and film director Nikita Mikhailov.

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Author`s name Olga Savka