Russian kids fall victim to severe milk poisoning

The amount of kids who suffered from milk poisoning has escalated to 180

According to the information received by “Interfax” in Southern regional center of Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations, 63 people have been hospitalized in Karachaevo-Cherkessia. 117 children remain in the hospital of the Oktyabrskaya village of North Ossetia.

According to an earlier report, North Ossetian office of public prosecutor along with the department of internal affairs of the town of Cherkessk has filed a law suit as a result of mass food poisoning of children.

Based on preliminary information, dairy products of Cherkessk's and Armavinsky's plants are to blame for the disaster. Doctors evaluate children’s current condition as satisfactory.

Many parents of the children in North Ossetia consider that the reason of such mass poisoning could just as well be something other than the milk. “After Beslan, we are all alert, on guard,” tells one of the women, who wished to remain anonymous. “When the news of the poisoning reached us, we didn’t even know what to think at first. There is also a possibility that they were deliberately poisoned.” Epidemiologists of Cherkesk, who did not wish to have their names disclosed, have also expressed similar concerns while talking about “difficult political situation in the republic.”

In the meantime, North Ossetian office of the public prosecutor and the department of internal affairs of Chekessk have already filed a law suit against the dairy factories, accusing them of “violating of sanitary-epidemiological rules”.

The State's health commission does not intend to connect the case with political situation in Caucasus, reports Kommersant.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov