When in Oklahoma, don't ask for ice cream

When in Oklahoma, don't ask for ice cream or you might get shot. 
The Enid, Oklahoma Police arrested a 29 year old ice cream vendor for a near fatal shooting of a customer who wanted to buy ice cream. 

According to the investigators, an 18 year old woman approached the ice cream vendor's truck and a heated argument issued.  The ice cream vendor pull out a gun and fired two shots then drove away. 

The 18 year old woman was struck in the collar bone area and the wound is not serious.

There was no mention whether or not the man had a permit for the gun, but Oklahoma is a very pro-gun state. 

If you are in Oklahoma, take my advice - don't buy ice cream. Their customer service skills needs some work. 

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova