Two terrible months of sex slavery for 16-year old Svetlana

When policemen broke in the apartment, the girl hid herself in the wardrobe. She thought new clients came to take her.
Every year about 50 thousand of Russian children leave home. They escape from domestic violence, but  soon they may  find themselves in bigger trouble.

This happened to 16-year old Svetlana. Her elder brother was released from prison, and the guy decided to start “educating” the girl. He thought the mother is too kind to her, and started beating the girl on regular basis. If the mother tried to protect Svetlana, he beat the mother as well.

The girl rebelled, and one day she did not return home. Svetlana spent two days in the apartment of 18-year old girl. That girl decided all for Svetlana. On the third day, the girl introduced a guy to Svetlana and said, “You will stay with him for a while”. Svetlana trusted the guy – he looked so friendly. The teenager brought the girl to his step-father. “You’ll work as a prostitute”, the man said. Svetlana shouted at him at shock, but the man continued,“You have no place to stay, you have to earn your living”. The same day the girl was put in a taxi and brought to the first client by force. The “uncle” wishing sex was in his 40s. He watched at the thin body of the girl and asked,
 “How old are you?”
”Sixteen”, Svetlana hoped this will make the man quit his intentions. However, the man said nothing.

Svetlana hardly remembers how they took her home. She wanted to wake up in the morning and understand that yesterday’s incident was just a nightmare. But it was not. Soon the girl started being scared of every knock at the door and every phone call. The ponces were laughing’ “Why are you so scared, we are doing nothing bad to you!” They treated her like an item, not a human being. The most important thing was to charge 600 roubles ($20) from a client, and then he could do with the girl whatever he wanted. Five men could stand in line to have sex with Svetlana. The whorehouse guards also had sex with the girl, but for free. No client used condoms. Some of the clients were big bosses. One boss bought sex with Svetlana several times and asked her to become his mistress. “I’ll rent an apartment for you, we’ll go to sauna together”. The Caucasian man from the marketplace offered Svetlana to find three more girls and become the boss for them.

. The ponces checked every phone call to have the maximum profit from the girl. They used PC to make accounting work. The policemen found the register book in this apartment where the “work time” was written in.  According to the register, earlier there were more whores in the place.

Svetlana heard of the fate of prostitute Tatiana. Tatiana wanted to earn money by prostitution and came from town Naberezhnye Chelny. Tatiana wrote a note to her mother, “I cannot live like this. There is 30,000 roubles ($ 1000) in my jacket. Mother, buy a house on this money, don’t buy vodka!” Svetlana started asking the young ponce, and he explained that Tatiana jumped off the fifth floor when it was time to go to serve new client.
The girl killed herself.

The ponces wanted make Svetlana a professional and taught her some “secrets” of the profession. “Try to give the client much alcohol. Don’t drink yourself. When he falls asleep, take his money or cell phone”.

The girl was in despair. They locked her in the apartment and cut off the phone every time they left, and she could not escape. The ponces bought the girl smart underwear and tights to make her look beautiful.

The mother  was looking for Svetlana and came to the police. Finally the policemen found out in which brothel the girl was kept.

After the piece about Svetlana was broadcast by local TV, many parents called the TV station hoping that she was their daughter (the girl’s face was not shown in the broadcast). Hundreds of people disappear in Chuvashia every year, and there are many girls among them. Many end up in prostitution.

There is big demand for sex with minors. To stop this kind of criminal activity, the State Duma has passed the amendments to Russian Criminal Code. The amendments stipulate up to five years of imprisonment for those forcing children to prostitution.

 Source: Sovetskaya Chuvashia

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova