Video of Syrian boy beheading hostages shocks the world

The Syrian society and everyone who follows the situation in Syria, was shocked with another video of atrocities committed during the civil war. The video that appeared in the net shows a smiling young boy beheading a tied hostage.

The footage, which was widely publicized in the past couple of days, shows the murder of two people. Everything happens in the street. A group of armed men puts hostages on the pavement with their faces down. They put the hostages' heads on concrete blocks; their hands are tied behind their backs. Afterwards, they chop off the victims' heads with the help of a machete. In the end, they take the heads by the hair and show the "trophies" to the camera.

The scene is highly graphic and disturbing, so we can not publish the link to the video. However, the worst thing about it is the fact that it is a young boy, who decapitates one of the hostages. The boy, aged 10 or 12, does not feel confused about it at all. With a smile on his face, the boy takes the sword and cuts off the head of a man. The victim was apparently dead at the time when the video was made: the body does not react to the first awkward sway of the machete.

The video sparked heated debate on the Internet. People try to find out the origin and circumstances of the video. It is hard to determine the date when the video was made. As for the location, Iranian news agency FARS, for example, believes that the video was shot somewhere near the town of Rastan in the province of Homs. The agency, loyal to the Syrian authorities, said that the killed hostages were civilians.

The supporters of the armed opposition say in social networks that the video, which was made public in the beginning of this week, in fact, appeared in November on the pro-government YouTube-channel. Indeed, the video from November 26 shows the "full version" of the execution. The full version shows the boy sitting in front of a corpse and smiling in the camera.

American portal EA WorldView said that the video, according to some sources, was made in October in the area of Al Khalidiya in Homs.

Noteworthy, the videos of cruelty of the participants of battles in Syria have become a weapon of media war and a way to create public opinion. New videos appear on the net daily. Assad's supporters upload the atrocities committed by militants, whereas Assad's opponents show videos of the brutality of soldiers. 

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov