British postal service did not live up to its expectations

British Royal postal services fail to deliver 14 million letters to recipients annually

British group “MailWatch” has published their report containing this information Tuesday after conducting a major investigation in this field.

According to the report, nearly 60% of “lost” mail is being delivered to wrong addresses. More than half of the respondents attested to the fact that they have received someone else’s letters in the course of the last half a year.

More so, 48% of Englishmen have been personally delivering letters to their proper recipients or returning them to post offices. Only every twentieth letter ends up in a trashcan.

Interestingly, but only 10% of Brits are willing to file official complaints against the Royal postal services.

“Thousands of letters get into the wrong mailboxes and never find their way to the correct recipients,” says head of “MailWatch” Peter Carr.

The group urged British people to pay closer attention to the mistakes of post offices.

In the meantime, a spokesman of the Royal postal services declared that the service managed to cut the level of lost correspondents in half for the past year. “We are trying hard to develop our services and have already significantly reduced the number of lost or wrongly delivered mail,” stated he.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov