Adopting female logic is the only way-out for men to survive

The world based upon the rational male logic had exhausted its potential

The very word-combination 'female logic' gives rise to frivolous associations. There seems to be no logic in this funny story about a female buyer saying: “I was looking for some pants, but some were tight for me and others were not nice. So, I bought a handbag.” Women's logic

Meanwhile, at the end of the past century, the most prominent minds stated that the world based upon the rational male logic had exhausted its potential. They said that none of the textbooks compiled by men could comprehend the paradoxes of the world. There are more exceptions than rules in the world. Sometimes the life itself disproves logical abstract constructions.

So, the only way-out for the progressive mankind today is to think in a female way. Literature and politics are already automatically following the intricate way of variative thinking. In other words, it looks like we think one way, speak quite different things and do absolutely not what we think or say, at that still hesitating if we do what we need.

Several years ago, Assistant Professor D.Beklemishev from the Moscow Physical and Engineering Institute wrote a half-serious but methodologically important treatise “The Female Logic”. The researcher stated that the female logic is purely polemic. Indeed, this way of thinking wonderfully exposes itself in disputes, especially those aimed at establishing the correctness of one of two opponents.

Arguments of female logic are touching and childish naïve artifacts. Their main objective is to stand one's ground and not establish an assertion. Not validity but the amount and aggression of female logic arguments make them particularly effective.

Senior Professor Beklemishev wrote that female logic could not only deny an assertion but even turn it down. Women often employ very popular mechanisms of female logic such as changing of the subject or a radical change the angle of the discussion. Women do it to prove their correctness in an easier way. At that, women usually want to prove their correctness in general but not concerning this or that particular issue. Often, female debaters may easily forget the initial point at issue.

Beklemishev said that female correctness is based upon so-called absolute, a self-evident axiom.

People's inclination to have this or that types of logical thinking proves that men and women descended from different apes. Upon close scrutiny one can see that men and women have nothing in common. Men better acquire information, have better reaction and wonderfully orient themselves. But cerebellar hemispheres of men function alternately. Men get concentrated on one task and become irritated when at the same time they must settle some other problem. As for women, their both hemispheres function at the same time, that is why a woman can watch TV, talk to a friend and cook dinner at the same time.

Apes with female logic steadily achieve triumph in the course of evolution. But it is important that female logic cannot exist in vacuum and it needs the inveterate and thick-headed logic of men.

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Author`s name Olga Savka