Ayurveda: Dieting Indian style

Be friends with Nature!

Ayurveda—is one of the most ancient holistic health care systems on the planet. It is more than 5000 years old.

The word Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit: “Ayus” meaning “life”, “longevity” and “Veda” meaning “science” or “knowledge”. The one who adheres to the main principles of Ayurveda, tends to be in better shape, has good health and lives longer in harmony with Nature.

Food system appears to be rather complicated in Aurveda. It entails that a man has to refrain totally from meat and other artificial products or the ones that contain preservatives or artificial color. Afterwards, one has to design a special menu based on his/her own body type (Dosha). There exist three Doshas; however, at times there can also be mixed types. They are as follows:

VATA: Oftentimes, these are skinny people with thin bone structure and tan skin. Their hair is thin, dark, curly. Eyes are not too big, lips are thin and nose is thin and slightly hooked.

PITTA: These are people of moderate complexion and well-developed muscle structure. Such people have light skin, often with freckles and birthmarks. Hair is often soft and light: blonde or red. Face is usually of medium size with blue or green eyes and a straight nose.

KAPHA: People with rather large complexion belong to this type. They have light and oily skin and very thick hair. Face is round with big eyes and nose. Lips are thick; teeth are white and big as well.

It's all in the taste!

Ayurveda teaches that one of the six tastes has a certain effect on a human body. Our products however often possess mixed tastes. Coffee for instance, posses bitter-spicy taste.

Sour taste (Earth and Fire) is good for the heart and digestion. It stimulates salivation. Excess amount of sour food can lead to weakness, depression, headache, fever, paleness and dysfunctions of the digestive system.

Sweet taste (Earth and Water) energizes and revitalizes the body. It is especially good for older people, recovering individuals or nursing mothers. It also helps to heal fractured bones faster. Excess of sweets however leads to depression, diabetes, cancerous growths.

Salty taste (Water and Fire) stimulates digestion, secretion of sweat, saliva and tears. Excess of salty products leads to appearance of wrinkles and gray hair, boldness at an early age.

Spicy taste (Fire and Air) increases appetite, stimulates digestion, warms the body and has arousing effect. Excess of spicy foods leads to sexual exhaustion, backaches and makes hand tremble.

Bitter taste (Air) cleanses the body from various toxins, burns fat, cures skin diseases and disinfects the body from the inside. One can rarely consume an excess amount of bitter tasting products. However in case one does consume a lot of bitter tasting foods, it may cause exhaustion and weariness.

Astringent taste (Air and Earth) is good for cleansing blood, stop diarrhea, heals wounds and burns fat. Excess of astringent foods leads to constipation, sexual side effects and heartaches.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov