Mystery of Area 51 - 4 November, 2002

Let’s get something straight from the very beginning: I don’t insist at all that the below-mentioned facts are the absolute truth. Many of them cannot be verified. At the same time, I won’t argue with those who say that a civilization of dormant stones exists on Earth parallel to our civilization; also, I  discuss the question of the existence of life on Mars. Agreed? If so, let’s proceed.

Accident in Roswell

The whole story with alien beings began long ago, on July 3, 1947. Publications about flying objects had been disturbing people for several years already; however, no direct contact with aliens were yet established. Once, an engineer from Roswell (New Mexico) came across debris of a huge steel disk right in the open countryside; dead bodies of some mysterious creatures were among the debris. However, five minutes after the crash, local farmers and US Army officials began inspecting to the accident site. They loaded the debris and dead bodies of the aliens onto trucks and took them away; nobody knew where the debris were removed to; moreover, the witnesses were ordered to hold their tongues about the accident for the sake of  national security.

However, the silence didn’t last  long. Already the next day, newspapers of the whole world, with the exception of those of the Soviet Union, talked about the main sensation of the 20th century. Yet, Washington was actively denying everything: spokesmen for the US State Department  said that it had been an ordinary meteorological balloon that crashed in Roswell, not an UFO. However, the newspapers wouldn’t calm down: journalists were especially suspicious about the fact that right after “the ordinary accident,” President Harry Truman had immediately informed his WWII allies about the details of the mysterious accident. 

They say that right after that accident, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin summoned the chief designer of  rocket and space engineering, Academician Sergey Korolev, and asked his opinion about the accident. Sergey Korolev told Stalin that if UFOs actually existed, they are on no account the products of some defense technologies, and consequently they pose no threat to the Soviet Union. Stalin seemed quite satisfied with Korolev’s answer, but very soon, all materials about UFO became classified in the USSR. Some time later, a similar decision was made in the USA as well.
Therefore, the Roswell accident became a kind of a reference point. Right after that accident, the whole of the humanity realized perfectly well that some important facts were being concealed. A year passed since the accident, and ufologists marked a place near Area 51 on their maps. Area 51 is place in Nevada, 120 km from Las Vegas, where ufologists say Americans are still hiding the world’s only spaceship from curious eyes. 
Flying Over Nevada
Starting with 1947, 40 million instances have been registered when people saw UFO. In other cases, witnesses said they saw UFOs crash. About 1,000 people believe that they were kidnapped by aliens. However, there is still no material evidence of contacts with extraterrestrials. For instance, specialists say that a very popular black-and-white film, which was said to be a documentary demonstrating a dissection of an allegedly real extraterrestrial, was in fact a mere fake. In most cases, witnesses and those who claim that they have contacted extraterrestrials turn out to be weird and sometimes mentally diseased people. To tell the truth, even the very fact that an aviation base exists in Nevada was dubious until now. Earlier, government officials  assured the public that there was only a stony desert in the mentioned area of Nevada and nothing more.
By chance, recently, six black-and-white photos taken by a Russian spy satellite in the sky over Nevada were published on the Internet. The photos revealed the legendary aviation base known as the Area 51.

American government officials quite naturally started dodging the question once again. This time, they admit the obvious fact that there is a secret military base in Nevada not far from Las Vegas. However, they say this base has nothing to do with aliens and that there are no UFOs there; only Stealth  planes are tested there.
This explanation doesn’t sound very convincing by the way. Who will trust the American government when it has been pulling the wool over our eyes for 50 years? And as for Stealth aircraft, have you ever seen one? It looks very much like an UFO. 
Chief UFO Specialist
The majority of ufologists mistrust the recent refutations made by the USA, with the exception of Russian Professor Vladimir Azhazha, a UFO expert. He says: “I personally never asserted that an UFO was hidden in Nevada. Moreover, I am perfectly sure that there is none at all. There is no doubt that other civilizations do exist, but we can’t prove it yet.
Indeed, who was the first to say that Aliens are  humanoids, and why should they look like us?  Nothing of the kind! It is just easier for people to imagine aliens looking like humanoids; that is how bubble-eyed dwarfs appeared. In fact, extraterrestrials can be some intellectual plasma without any form and even color. The same concerns UFO. Soviet cosmonaut Grechko recently mentioned that he actually believes in extraterrestrials and, being an engineer himself, would like  to have a look at their rockets. At that, rockets  were known in Ancient China already; today’s space technology is just an improvements of these rockets. Does anybody actually think that galactic beings will visit the Earth in such primitive machines?

On the whole, Russian Professor Azhazha is sure that the search for UFOs is just like chasing for ghosts that don’t exist and never did at all. It would be more correct to move science in a different direction and find out why aliens kidnap people.
According to Vladimir Azhazha, every tenth man on Earth is kidnapped by extraterrestrials; these kidnappings are most frequent when  people are asleep. This means that human bodies remain in beds and only their consciousness, or souls, travel together with extraterrestrials. People kidnapped this way remember nothing at all about their strange travels, as all information about it is erased from  their minds. Sometimes, children draw mysterious pictures after being kidnapped by aliens.  Scientists try to understand that these children are trying to show in their drawings.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson