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Over 60 suffer in unusual piranha attack in Argentina

26.12.2013 | Source:


Over 60 suffer in unusual piranha attack in Argentina. 51847.jpeg

More than 60 people suffered injuries as a result of an attack of piranhas in the Argentine city of Rosario. The incident occurred on a local beach on the banks of the Parana River. 

Biologists believe that it was sweltering heat that provoked the attack. Temperatures in the city raised to 38 degrees Centigrade. In addition, the fish could sense the blood. There are seven children among the victims, two of them were seriously injured.

Most of the victims suffered bites of their arms; some of them had pieces of muscle tissue bitten out.

The beaches were closed immediately after the incident.

The waters of the Parana River are inhabited by two species of freshwater piranhas - Pygocentrus nattereri and Serrasalmus spilopleura. They reach 33 inches in length and can weigh up to 3.8 kilograms. 


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