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In Ukraine, two people sitting in a café shot from Kalashnikov

10.03.2014 | Source:




In Ukraine, two people sitting in a café shot from Kalashnikov. 52358.jpeg

In a café in Kharkov, unknown individuals shot two people from a Kalashnikov.

The incident occurred at Norma "café," at the intersection of Lenin Avenue and Bakulina Street. Kharkov Attorney Eugene Popovich confirmed the incident. "I can confirm that there are victims," said the prosecutor.

According to eyewitnesses, the shooter drove up to the cafe and made the first shot at a man, who was sitting at table. The man was killed on the spot. His companion was wounded, and was still alive at the time when ER doctors arrived, but later died. A cafe waiter was also injured. The offender left his weapon on the crime scene.

According to preliminary information, one of those killed was Evgeni Slonevsky - a man related to of the largest conversion center in Kharkov. Through the center, many businessmen cashed their assets to avoid paying high taxes.


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