Hiker in Colorado pays 5,000 dollars (3,713 euro) for his rescue

A hiker in Colorado had to pay $5,000 (3,713 EUR) to be helped off the side of a mountain after severely spraining his ankle.

"I expected there to be somewhat of a bill, but I expected most of it to be hospital," David Seals, 35, told The Topeka Capital-Journal.

The bill for the 10-hour rescue came from the Golden, Colorado, Fire Department, the squad that arrived first at the scene June 11.

"That is probably on the high end of what we charge for a rescue," Fire Department spokeswoman Sabrina D'Agosta said Thursday. "But it's because it was at 1 o'clock in the morning, it was raining so we had very dangerous conditions. And it's a really, really steep canyon area, and it's a very difficult rescue to bring someone down from there."

Rescuers had to lower Seals more than 600 feet (182 meters).

The $5,000 pays for personnel and equipment, D'Agosta said.

Seals has to pay the bill within 30 days, or a 15 percent administrative fee will be added. An additional 8 percent charge will be added after 90 days if the bill still has not been paid.

"We're always willing to negotiate," D'Agosta said.