Violent sex-offender bacame free

Two days after being freed unconditionally in California, a violent sexual offender has moved to the Olympia area and registered his address with local authorities.

Brian DeVries, 45, walked into the Thurston County Sheriff's Office Wednesday afternoon and provided his address as required under Washington state's sex-offender registration law, Detective Daryl Leischner told The Olympian newspaper.

He was released Monday by a California judge after spending a year under constant surveillance in a trailer on prison grounds at Soledad, following more than six years in post-prison treatment.

DeVries has been in and out of prison over the past 20 years after molesting at least nine young boys in New Hampshire, Florida and San Jose, wrote Seattle Post.

On Monday, DeVries became a free man. A judge granted his unconditional release after hearing from psychologists who expressed confidence he won't molest again. The &to=http://' target=_blank>prosecutor agreed he has done everything the state has required him to do -- and more. DeVries even had himself castrated.

In a five-hour interview with The Associated Press, DeVries, 45, says he plans a "kid-free life" as he begins his new life at his father's home in Washington state this weekend.

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