TiVo and Netflix are partners

There's word that TiVo and Netflix are working on a partnership agreement that will let customers download movies over the Internet onto TiVo boxes. According to Newsweek, an announcement is due later this month.

There's been speculation that something is in the works since TiVo bought Strangeberry, a company that specializes in using home network and broadband technologies.

In addition, TiVo has developed a product that lets users move programming from their TiVo units to personal computers and D-V-D burners. The product is expected out in the fall. The partnership would help Netflix reach more customers. Its business lets subscribers to rent unlimited D-V-Ds though mail with no late fees.

TiVo and Netflix representatives couldn't immediately be reached for comment, reports Boston Herald.

According to the PC World, as an unabashed fan of both services, I would love to see such a partnership emerge. Both companies have changed the way I consume entertainment, and I'd love to see them get out ahead of the big dogs in this area. Plus, I've already networked my Tivo to my broadband-connected home network, so I'm ready to go right now.

I do have one concern, however. Even at its highest quality setting, Tivo's compression tends to degrade the image quality of television programs. That's not a big deal when it comes to watching television reruns of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but it becomes one when I fire up the surround sound setup to enjoy a movie like Kill Bill 2. If I'm paying for a DVD movie, I'm going to want DVD-quality. I just hope the two companies can address this potential issue before they roll out the service.

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