Putin, Bush negotiate in informal setting

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation and President George Bush Jr. of the United States negotiated in an informal setting on Sea Island, Georgia, discussing the situation around Iranian nuclear programs, a source inside the Russian delegation told correspondents.

We have cooperated and will continue to cooperate with Iran; the scale of such cooperation will be determined by Iran's fulfillment of its IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) commitments, RIA Novosti's interlocutor added.

According to the source, the decision on activating the Bushehr nuclear power plant will be made, after both countries reach their final accord on returning spent nuclear fuel to Russia. Moscow undertakes to deliver such fuel to the Iranian NPP.

The Presidents of Russia and the United States also discussed the situation around North Korea.

This issue wasn't discussed rather intensively, Vladimir Putin's aide Sergei Prikhodko noted, also stressing that the North Korean problem had to be solved in line with the positions of all parties, that of North Korea included.

George Bush thanked Vladimir Putin for helping pass the UN Security Council's resolution on Iraq.

I avail myself of this very good opportunity to thank Vladimir Putin for helping settle this highly important issue, i.e. the approval of the UNSC resolution today, the President of the United States told a press conference, after meeting the Russian head of state.

The people of Iraq have benefited greatly from today's UN vote; the Iraqis will profit greatly from the latest UN vote, George Bush noted.

A free Iraqi society is essential; we are very grateful to Vladimir Putin for helping attain this victory today, the President of the United States went on to say.

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation believes the approval of the UNSC resolution on Iraq is a great step forward.

It won't be an exaggerationto say that the approval of the UNSC resolution is a great step forward, Vladimir Putin noted. I think I'll express the opinion of all UNSC member-countries, if I say that the UNSC dialogue had developed rather constructively over the last few days, Vladimir Putin stressed.

Surely enough, it will take a lot of time to change the Iraqi situation in real earnest after the approval of this document. Still this is a serious document, which shows that time is ripe for making this decision. I'd like to congratulate the President of the United States and to voice hope to the effect that the Iraqi situation will be changing for the better, Vladimir Putin went on to say.

The approval of the UNSC resolution on Iraq facilitates qualitative changes in the Iraqi situation, Vladimir Putin also said, after meeting George Bush.

In Putin's words, the United States was mostly responsible for Iraqi developments prior to this resolution's approval. Right now, the Iraqi society itself is receiving the entire range of rights; for its own part, the international community will be able to influence the national situation.

It always pleases me greatly to talk to my good friend Vladimir Putin. He is a powerful leader, who loves his people, his country, and who comprehends all issues now facing us perfectly well, the President of the United States said, after meeting the Russian head of state.

We discussed quite a few important issues for a long time today, George Bush stressed.

I'm extremely satisfied to work with him and to attain tremendous progress in Russian-US relations, he said.

We discussed all aspects of Russian-US interaction in great detail, the Russian leader noted.

Our relations continue to develop in every sphere, including such a sensitive aspect as military cooperation, Vladimir Putin noted.

Russia will take part in a NATO naval exercise in the North Atlantic this fall. This accord was reached by the Presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin's aide Sergei Prikhodko told correspondents.

Russia was invited to take part in this exercise; and we accepted this invitation, he noted. According to Prikhodko, national defense ministers will chart specific exercise parameters and interaction aspects.

Vladimir Putin believes that positive US economic changes are George Bush's merit.

I congratulate George Bush on those positive US economic changes; this is his merit, Vladimir Putin told reporters at a press conference, after meeting the President of the United States.

These economic changes are taking place despite exorbitant fuel-and-energy price hikes, Putin stressed.

All of us are interested in this positive process (US economic growth) because the modern world, Russia included, perceives the US economy as something important, the Russian head of state noted.

Talking to reporters a Russian-delegation member, who attended the talks, noted that the US President's dog, i.e. Scottish terrier Barney, entered the negotiating room several times. Those taking part in the meeting joked that the dog was eavesdropping.

Vladimir Putin drove off in a small electromobile, after meeting George Bush.

Delegation members, i.e. an interpreter and two body guards, rode the four-seat car, which was painted in the Russian flag's colors.

The Presidents of Russia and the United States met each other at Dunbar House. The President of the United States holds face-to-face talks with his guests, who have to attend the G-8 summit on Sea Island, at this Latin American style mansion.

The two leaders negotiated for more than an hour.

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