U.S. Specialists Expect Hard Resistance from Iraqi Forces

The U.S. will not have that many chances to take Bagdad, according to specialists from the American research center Foreign Policy Council. They say the U.S. army has no experience in street fighting in cities. Moreover, the anti-Iraq coalition's recent announcement about adherence to democratic values limits the types of arms used within Bagdad to keep the amount of casualties from both sides from escalating. Under the conditions of city fighting high technology weapons can not adapt themselves in the needed quantity which puts the Iraqi army on the same footing as the coalition in terms of equipment, say specialists from the council.

They also say that the Republican Guards of Saddam Hussein, even after the taking of Bagdad by coalition forces, will continue hard resistance in Bagdad and the country as a whole. 'Therefore, it is very early to talk about the end of the Iraq war,' say specialists from the Foreign Policy Council.

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