Commission of Permanent Representatives at EurAsEc Meets for a Session

The commission of permanent representatives at the Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) will have its regular session on Thursday in Moscow.

The EurAsEC press service reports it is planned to discuss the social and economic situation in the community countries in 2002 and the project for priority development trends in 2003-2005.

The subjects for discussion will also be: the draft treaty on the status of the fundamentals of the EurAsEC legislation, their elaboration, adoption and implementation, and also the draft Status of the EurAsEC Court.

Apart from that, the session participants will exchange views on the draft agreement about common principles in the use of railway tariffs and on the plan for joint actions in forming the Transport Union for 2003-2005.

Another question to be discussed is the organisation of a permanent exhibition devoted to the EurAsEC at the Russian Exhibition Centre in Moscow.

The session will be attended by EurAsEC Secretary General Grigory Rapota.

EurAsEC members are Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia and Tajikistan. Ukraine and Moldova have the status of observers.