President of Belarus does not exclude changes in his country's foreign policy in connection with the expansion of NATO

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko did not exclude the possibility of changing "some trends in the foreign policy of Belarus" in view of the expansion of NATO.

While speaking on Wednesday at a session of the republican Security Council, Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus, watching the irreversibility of NATO's expansion and the new positions of Russia and Ukraine in their relations with the North Atlantic Alliance, cannot but take into consideration these factors in forming its foreign policy.

The Belarussian leader pointed out: "Russia and Ukraine seem to be in a hurry to enter NATO, but this does not mean that we should follow them." "We cannot turn our policy back," said Lukashenko. According to hum, Belarus must clearly define its position and "openly" say about it.

The Belarussian President pointed out that Minsk "cannot allow /the emergence/ of new dividing lines on the Belarussian border." According to him, everything necessary should be done to prevent Belarus from becoming "a front zone and a line dividing the blocs, systems and states."