Major Result Of CIS' 10-year Existence Is Sovereignty Of Its Member States

Russian prime-minister Mikhail Kasyanov thinks that the major result of the CIS' 10-year existence is sovereignty of its member states. He said that in Moscow Thursday as opening a jubilee meeting of the Council of Prime Ministers of the Commonwealth of Independent States. According to the Russian premier, over the past years they managed to go through integration processes, streamline operation of their power engineering and transport systems. The states were being established through transformation of their economies and creation of market infrastructures. "Every country took its own road of transformation and transition to a currently state which we describe as rather successful," said the Russian premier. He also stressed that the CIS was able to channel all conflicts in the Commonwealth into an area of political dialogue. Joint measures were being implemented in the military area and military and technological cooperation, they managed to achieve a civilized division of a formerly united army, to make first steps to ensure collective security.