Russian, Chinese Diplomats' Common Views On Counter-Terrorism

The fight against terrorism should be overall and long-term and all countries' cooperation in this sphere should be based on the UN Charter, the international law and a wide range of anti-terrorist measures, says the statement made at the first meeting of the Russian-Chinese anti-terrorist working group. The group was created in accordance with the agreement between Russian and Chinese Presidents Vladimir Putin and Jiang Zemin in Shanghai in October 2001. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Russian and Chinese Deputy Foreign Ministers Anatoly Safonov and Li Zhaoxing in Beijing on Friday. "The sides have exchanged opinions and achieved deep understanding on the international anti-terrorist fight and the consolidation of bilateral cooperation in this sphere," says the statement following the meeting. They have also reached understanding on the anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan. The sides announced that terrorism threats the international peace and regional security and hampers the development of the world economy. At the same time they stressed that terrorism should not be identified with any religion, nationality or culture and that it will never do to use "double standards" in combating this evil.