American Envoy Discussed In Moscow The Situation Around Afghanistan

American troops are not going to stay in Afghanistan for long, Senior State Department adviser and special envoy on Afghanistan (ambassador) Richard Hasse told chairman of the State Duma international affairs committee Dmitry Rogozin. According to him, the mandate of US troops' stay in Afghanistan is being determined only by the aims of the military operation conducted there. Commenting on the results of the meeting with the US diplomat held on Friday, Rogozin reported that when the sides discussed questions pertaining to the formation of a coalition government in Afghanistan he expressed opinion that the "post-Taliban government should be created on the basis of the traditions of the Afghan society" and informed the American guest of the Russian government's opinion that the Taliban should not be included in the new government. The Russian deputy and the American diplomat also examined nuclear weapons safety in Pakistan and the situation in Kashmir in connection with the intensification of the activity of Pakistani militants there. Richard Hasse left Moscow for Pakistan on Friday.