Commonwealth Leaders For Joining Hands In Anti-terror Effort

CIS leaders have come out for joining hands in the fight against terrorism. A statement the CIS heads of state adopted in connection with the tenth anniversary of the Comonwealth runs that due to their geopolitical situation, the CIS member states found themselves on the forefront of the fight against international terror and extremism, and narcomafia--challenges facing the entire world. This, as the heads of state put it, urges the CIS member states to join hands to repel the common security threats as part of the international community's efforts. The CIS leaders reiterated their countries' resolve to proceed with a set of joint measures against internatinoal terrorism and drug trafficking posing a direct threat to all CIS member states. The CIS states intend to raise efficiency of the security bodies and secret services, to render assistance to the CIS Anti-Terror Centre. In this context, the CIS presidents laid particular stress on such an important anti-terror step as formation of collective rapid deployment forces of the Central Asian collective security region. The leaders reaffirmed the CIS readiness to take an active part in the international community's effort to form a global security system capable to resist fresh challenges and threats.