The Strengthening Of Russian-U.S. Interaction In Counter-Terrorism Struggle Discussed In Moscow

Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Trubnikov and the Director of the U.S. Department of State's Policy Planning Staff, Ambassador Richard Haass, met on November 30 in Moscow to discuss the strengthening of Russian-U.S. interaction in combating international terrorism. According to a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, it was emphasised at the meeting that successful and efficient counteraction to this global evil requires a long-term comprehensive strategy and the pooling of efforts of the entire international community, based on international law, above all the U.N. Charter. The parties exchanged views on the situation in Afghanistan and the post-conflict political structure in that country. They agreed that Russia and the United States will continue coordinating their actions in Afghanistan on a bilateral basis and within the framework of multilateral efforts of the international community.