Russian Border Guards Detained 216 Trespassers On Tajik-afghan Border In 2001

A total of 216 transgressors were detained by Russian border guards on the Tajik-Afghan border in 2001. Over the last year the duty details on the Tajik-Afghan border were attacked 92 times (in the year 2000 -- 46 times), engaged 57 combat clashes with armed transgressors, as a rule with the enemy having superior forces (the figure for 2000 was 50), during which one border guard was killed and 4 received bullet wounds. Eighty armed trespassers were killed by Russian border guards in fighting, reported the press service of the Russian border guards in Tajikistan. In 2001, 47 pieces of fire arms, 45 rocket projectiles, 17 tank shells, 33 mines, 16 grenades, 194 rounds to grenade launchers, almost 2,500 various cartridges and more than 14 kg of explosives were discovered and confiscated. The Russian border group in Tajikistan detained 5.452 tons of drugs in 2001 (3.131 tons in 2000). The share of heroin exceeded 2,432 kg (801.4 kg in 2000). Compared with the year 2000, the narcotics were confiscated 1.7 more times, and money for purchasing them -- almost two times more. On July 15, 2001, the Russian border guards detained the biggest, over the 9-year period, batch of narcotics -- 2,185 kg of crude opium.