Russia, Mongolia Sign Plan Of Frontier Services' Joint Actions For 2002

Russia and Mongolia signed a plan of joint actions of the two countries' frontier services for 2002. This was disclosed Monday by Mansur Valiyev, head of the Transbaikal regional department of the Russian Federal Frontier Service (FFS). A FFS delegation has completed its visit to Mongolia Monday. Summing up the results of work, Valiyev noted that this visit of the Russian delegation is another evidence of strengthening cooperation between border-guards of Russia and Mongolia. According to Mansur Valiyev, interaction in guarding the state border and staging joint actions is an important direction of joint activities. Valiyev noted that prompt information exchanges had resulted in an increased number of detained border transgressors, including those who committed thefts of livestock at an adjacent territory. Last year a mere 16 percent of crimes related to violation of border regime were exposed, while this year this figure constitutes over 60 percent.