Vladimir Putin Confirms Russia's Support Of Cypriote Independence

A just solution to the Cypriot problem could normalise the political situation in the East Mediterranean, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the Greek newspapers Elefterotipia and Vima. The text of the interview was received from the presidential press service. The Russian President has confirmed Russia's "support of Cyprus' independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity." Moscow "supports the UN Secretary-General's good offices mission in Cyprus and the active cooperation with the Security Council." Putin believes that "the political-diplomatic settlement is the only possible way to solve the Cypriot problem". "Therefore it is very important to help the Secretary-General to resume the dialogue on Cyprus," the President said. "It is clear that monologues and preliminary conditions will not solve the problem. However several reassuring steps have been taken recently to resume the negotiations," Putin added. "As far as the Cypriots' pressing wish for joining the European Union is concerned, this problem falls within the competence of Nicosia and Brussels," Putin said. Moscow believes that "this problem is to be solved in accordance with the Cypriots' desire, international law and the EU principles without detriment to the Cypriot settlement".