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Latvian Parliament Approves Decision of Government on Country's Participation in Iraqi War

The Latvian Saeima (parliament) has approved the decision of the government on Latvia's participation in the war in Iraq. This decision was taken at a extraordinary plenary session of the parliament.

This decision points out that the units of the Latvian armed forces will participate in "the international operation for ensuring peace in Iraq as part of the armed forces of the international coalition." The decision on Latvia's participation in the Iraqi war was supported by 53 deputies of the Saeima who represented the Rightist parties of the ruling coalition. Forty-two deputies voted against this decision - they represented the opposition factions - the People's Party, the Left-Centrist party of the People's Accord, and the association of the Left parties - For Human Rights in United Latvia. One deputy abstained.

In his interview given to Latvian television, Prime Minister of Latvia Einars Repse said that Latvia would offer to the command of the international armed forces its units of field engineers, military physicians and of special forces.

It is supposed that the Latvian servicemen will go to Iraq approximately in six weeks when, in the opinion of the Latvian Prime Minister, "the military operation for disarming Iraq will enter the second phase," that is, when direct military actions will be completed.