Moldovan Parliament Permits Selling Goods with Russian Marking

The sale of goods with the marking (full and authentic information on the commodity and its producer) in the Russian language will be allowed in Moldova.

The press service of the Moldovan parliament reported that this was stipulated by the law on consumers' protection, adopted by its deputies.

The delivery and realisation on the market of goods, which did not provide information on the seller, producer of the commodity, and the commodity itself in the state, that is in the Moldavian language, was banned so far by the laws applicable in the republic.

Deputies believe that this situation negatively influenced the accessibility of goods imported from the CIS countries and encroached upon the rights of national minorities living in Moldova, who did not know the state language.

The Russian language continues to be the language of communication between various nationalities.

Thus, importers of goods, which have the marking in Russian, will not be obliged to translate the description of a commodity into the state language.