EU to Help Belarus Create Radiation Protection System

A delegation of experts from the EU's Tacis programme arrived in Belarus yesterday. The delegation is headed by technical director Mr. L. Ackermann. According the Belarussian Ministry for Emergencies, the main aim of the visit is to discuss issues connected with implementing a project to create a radiation protection system in Belarus.

Over the course of three days the Tacis experts will hold a series of meetings with representatives of the Belarussian Ministry for Emergencies, the Industrial and Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (Promatomnadzor) and the Centre for Radiation Control and Environmental Monitoring. Yesterday the Tacis experts met Minister for Emergencies Valery Astapov. During the preliminary talks a draft programme assistance was presented and the goals of the main meeting were set out.

The Western experts are also planning to meet representatives of the Ministry for Emergencies. During these meetings issues concerning the provision of assistance to Belarus in developing environmental legislation, storing and transporting radioactive waste, and planning for possible emergencies will be discussed. In addition, information, registration, licensing and control systems for radiation safety will be discussed and examined. On Thursday a final meeting, at which a joint protocol will be signed, will be held.