During the March on Washingtom Against a War in Iraq US Army Veterans Will Hold Patriots Rally for America

During the Saturday "March on Washington," whose participants will protest against the Bush Administration's plans to start a war against Iraq, two U.S. national organizations of U.S. army veterans and conservative Americans will hold their own counter-demonstration Patriots Rally for America.

The organizers of the Patriots Rally called on their supporters to arrive in Washington with large U.S. flags, badges and emblems of the U.S. armed forces and also streamers and posters "in support of our army and America." Vietnam War veterans and patriotic Americans from all over the country will get together in the U.S. capital to support their brothers and sisters in arms who wage a war against terrorism and are getting ready for protecting us from unlawful regimes, such as Iraq and North Korea, said Vietnam War veteran Joel Kernodle, an official spokesman of the MOVEOUT! organization (Marines and Other Veterans Engaging Un-American Traitors) in connection with the counter-demonstration that is being prepared.

MOVEOUT is one of the initiators of the Patriots Rally in Washington and it officially asked the chief police department of the U.S. capital to provide special protection at the crossroads where during the March on Washington both demonstrations will confront each other.

According to the Washington mayoralty, days off are cancelled since Friday in the police department and all policemen will be on 12-hour duty.

Official spokesmen of the police department say law-enforcement bodies in Washington are fully prepared for ensuring law and order during the "March on Washington and the Patriots Rally

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