North Ossetian President described the Pankiss Gorge in Georgia "as one of the enclaves of international terrorism"

North Ossetian President Aleksander Dzasokhov described the Pankiss Gorge in Georgia as "one of the multiple enclaves of international terrorism". On Saturday in reply to questions of journalists Aleksander Dzasokhov stated that the problem might be solved only through joint efforts of Russia and Georgia. Aleksander Dzasokhov stated that "Russian and Georgian potential capabilities were quite enough to introduce qualitatively new changes into the process of stabilization of the situation in the Caucasus. Georgia did not need to look for assistance far from it, with Russia, a friendly state which presented itself to the world as the initiator of the struggle against terrorism, being near by." While talking about Ossetian-Ingush relations the head of North Ossetia stated that "the time had come to turn over the page of history of the two peoples marked by the ten year old conflict." He expressed satisfaction with the recent state of the dialogue between the two neighbouring republics and pointed out that he was attributing that, in particular, to the constructive position of the new leadership of Ingushetia headed by Murat Zyazikov.